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Pest Control for New Homes in the St. Louis Area

Pest Control for New Homes


Pest Control for New Homes

Do you think that your new St. Louis home doesn’t need pest control? Think again — new construction projects need as much protection as existing structures. It’s also important to start the pest control process as soon as possible, preferably before you even clear the lot to begin building.


Pests Affect New Homes Too

New homes and neighborhoods that are under construction are built on ground that has been freshly cleared of trees and plants. The habitat that pests once called home is now your home. Ants can be especially troublesome in a new home after their hills and mounds are disturbed during construction.  Landscaping for curb appeal could also introduce new pests to the building site.

Remember, too, that your home wasn’t built in a controlled environment. Pests could be brought in with other construction materials, or they could set up shop before the walls and roof are finished. Wood scraps and shavings could be buried in the ground around the house, which will attract termites that will do thousands of dollars of damage to your new home.

It’s not just ants and termites that you have to watch out for. Spiders may move in when you do, and although they’re not the cutest they’ll help keep other pests at bay by eating them. Mice & rats might also be looking for a new home since the construction cleared out their existing nests.


Pest Control for New Homes


Preventing Pests in New Homes

Pest prevention starts during the planning period before any work starts. Get your contractor on the same page with a local pest control professional that you can trust. They will help guide you (and your contractor) throughout the process of prevention and, if necessary, treatment. 

Make sure to take these steps as well.

Choose pressure-treated wood: This termite-resistant wood is treated with chemicals that help deter termites from chowing down. It should be used in the areas of your home where the wood comes in direct contact with the ground —  like decks, fences, and outdoor structures.

Inspect materials and job site: Have your pest pro partners regularly check the construction site and materials for any bugs. Have them set bait around the property as work continues to catch pests before they settle into your home. 

Check out the layout: Make sure your contractor properly grades the land so that water is flowing away from your new home and doesn’t collect in areas that could drive pests inside. Also, ensure that the construction team is cleaning up trash and debris daily.

Dial-in the design: Inside the home, windows and doors should be installed tightly against frames and be sealed with weatherstripping and screens. Keep the exterior from attracting bugs by avoiding pest-attracting shrubs and planting at least 3 feet from the home.


Pest Control for New Homes


Installing Pest Control In Walls:

Along with those tips, you should also consider having pest control installed in the walls of your new St. Louis home. Also known as an in-home tubing system, durable and high-quality tubing is installed during construction and attaches to exterior treatment ports. After activation, pest control pros will use the ports to release pest control material in the tubing that will provide a barrier to keep pests out.

This method is particularly effective as it targets the dark, damp areas that pests like the most — inside your walls. Because these systems are installed before walls even go up, there’s no disruption to your living space and the product stays within the walls (safer for kids and pets) away from weather elements that can break down the system. The cost is no greater than traditional pest control and you don’t have to be home to receive treatment.

If you’re building a new home, now’s the time to talk to pest control pros about having an in-wall system installed. Many new home builds include this system, so even if you’re not starting from scratch you could already have this system in your home. A pest control specialist will know what to look for when you call them out for a consultation.

Installing an in-wall pest control system can also offer the added benefit of making regular maintenance easy and hassle-free. Taking steps now to protect your new home in the St. Louis area starts with consulting a local pest control team. The pros at PestShield have a long history of working with homeowners just like you to create a pest prevention plan that will protect your investment.