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Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Find out why pest control services are essential to creating a safe, comfortable home environment.

No one wants to think about residential pest control services. It’s not exactly a fun topic of conversation either. While insects and vermin are an inescapable part of the outdoors, thinking about them inside the home is downright unpleasant.

There's nothing more frustrating than creepy crawlies and critters living in your home. And, honestly, you shouldn’t have to deal with it. That’s why you call on the pros at PestShield to remove them quickly, efficiently and permanently. Our residential pest control services ensure your family is in and pests are out.

We can attack the issue in two primary ways by:

  • Getting rid of them if they've already taken up residence.
  • Preventing them from ever coming in in the first place.

At PestShield, we offer customized services to meet the pest problem you are facing. Whatever your situation is, we will leave you with a clean, pest-free home you can feel good about.

What to Do When They Keep Coming Back

For a time, it may seem like you can handle pest and vermin issues alone. Hardware stores and grocery store shelves are filled with sprays, powders and traps—all claiming the best at solving your biggest bug problems. Why not just use these remedies to kill off any winged, flying or furry intruders? Problem solved. Or is it really?

What often happens is they keep coming back. Every year like clockwork, the same army of pests will show up at your door. Some of those pests include spiders, cockroaches, ants, mice and rats. Not the kind of housemates you have in mind!

Whatever you do to get rid of these pests using store-bought remedies doesn’t work for the long-term. Store-bought pest control products are designed to take care of issues in the short-term and usually not very effectively. Plus, the SMELL and the TOXINS—no homeowner enjoys the fragrance of over-the-counter bug spray.

The Risks of Ineffective Pest Control

Vermin and other pests aren't just unpleasant to be around. They can actually pose health threats to your family. Cockroaches leave behind eggs, saliva and fecal matter, exacerbating allergies. Rats spread Hantavirus, a disease that is fatal to humans. With a host of other pests and vermin carrying diseases, eliminating them is crucial.

In addition to health problems, your house is also in the line of fire. Those Bugs Bunny/Roadrunner cartoons are based on facts; a swarm of insects can eat your house. From termites to silverfish, pests can destroy your house and everything in it. Our PestShield pros get to the root of the problem, destroying pests where they breed without damaging your home. They'll get rid of your pest problem, and they'll prevent them from coming back.

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Don’t waste time on ineffective pest control measures. Go straight to the professionals at PestShield for serious pest control services to bring you peace of mind and a pest-free home. Connect with us online now to get a free quote for residential services.

Got pests? Professional pest control services can prevent your vermin or insect problem from getting even worse.