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In wall pest control

In-wall pest control is the innovative pest control product you may not even realize you have in your home. Find out below what it is, whether or not you have it, and how you can maintain it.

When the topic "in-wall pest control" crops up, people are intrigued—and for good reason. Homeowners who are tired of dealing with pests love the idea of having prevention built into their walls. However, this innovative service is not yet well-known, so there are many questions.

What exactly does "in-wall" mean in regards to repelling pests?
Why does my neighbor have it and I don't?
How can I get it?

At PestShield, we want to ensure we inform our customers of all of their best pest control options. For customers or builders who are getting ready for a new-build, this is one option you do not want to overlook. Let's take a closer look at this specialized service from our team of experts at PestShield.

What Is In-Wall Pest Control Service?

Also known as an in-home tubing system, the in-wall pest management system from PestShield is pest control we install during the home build process.

We insert perforated tubing into a home's walls during the construction phase. Then, the tubing is linked to outside treatment ports placed on the home's exterior walls. At the time of activation, one of our team members will come to your home to inject pest control product into these ports.

The pest control product forms a strong barrier that keeps pests away. The product kills the pests in the one place they love to hide - house walls! The tubes are inside walls, so the product is protected from sunlight, making it last longer.

Why Is In-Wall So Effective?

If you've ever spotted spiders or a trail of ants marching out from under a wall, you've witnessed just how much pests adore walls. The dark, warm cavities suit all types of pests and help them to feel safe—because, well, who can reach them inside there?

Other reasons you should target walls with your pest control include:

  • While spiders can serve a purpose, such as killing off more dangerous bugs like mosquitos, no one wants to have legions of spiders living inside the walls. From the creepy-crawly feeling of knowing you have a spider infestation to the risk of certain spider bites, making sure these insects don’t take up residence inside walls is important to homeowners.
In wall pest control

Advantages of In-Wall Service from PestShield

Our in-wall pest control systems offer several key benefits:

  • They're installed during the house build, which means no mess or fuss after you are already moved into the home.
  • The product stays inside the wall, keeping it safe from children and pets.
  • You don't need to be on the premises when we inject the pest control product into the tubes. Our technician simply has to come and inject it into the ports.
  • The cost is no higher than what you'd pay for regular pest control services.
  • The pest control product reaches pests where it's hardest to reach them.
  • The tubes are comprised of durable materials like polyethylene, making them long-lasting.
  • Great maintenance programs offered. Learn more!

How Do I Know If I Have an In-Wall System Installed?

low-banner1Some homeowners aren't even aware they have an in-wall pest control system inside their home. Because many new home builds include the built-in pest control system, it’s possible to have this feature inside your wall and not even know!

Here’s how to find out: check the outside of your home to see if you have a port box installed. About the size of a box of Kleenex. It would be mounted to the exterior wall. If you're not sure what you're looking for, give us a call and we'll take a look to help you determine whether or not you have an in-wall system.

Can I Install an In-Wall System Now?

If you have an in-wall system installed, congrats on having some of the top pest prevention for your home! If you don't have one installed, you, unfortunately, won't be able to add this system unless you are planning a new build.

The pest control company must install this system during the build process. However, if you're planning on building a new home and you'd like to add an in-wall system, or if you think you have one and want to set up a maintenance plan, contact our experts at PestShield today!

Have questions about in-wall services for pest prevention? Get the scoop on this hassle-free service from the experts at PestShield today!