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Ant removal and pest control is something you need to take care of as soon as the little ant armies appear on your doorstep.

Is ant removal on your radar? Spring brings with it gorgeous blossoms, balmy weather, and armies of disciplined ants. Like clockwork, they appear every year, lines of them heading into your home. Your first instinct is to step on them, assuming a good trampling will scare them away. Within minutes, more ants have taken the trampled ones' places.

Ants are some of the hardiest insects in the world, making them difficult to control. They rarely travel alone, and when they infest a space, it happens quickly. It’s a never-ending battle that you will surely lose—unless you have expert ant pest control services to help.

Need some good news? At PestShield, we are not intimidated by ants' resilience. We have fool-proof systems in place to stop them in their tracks, destroy the ones that are living, and prevent new ones from taking up residence in and around your home.

Ants Will Have Nowhere to Hide

There are over 700 types of ants in the US, and they each have different patterns. Understanding these patterns enables us to determine how to handle the extermination.

Our PestShield experts will come to your home or business and study their trails. First, we will observe the ants and determine which breeds they are. We'll then figure out whether the ants are most active when you're away during the day or at night when you're asleep. Finally, we'll locate their nests and observe their activity.

PestShield Experts Know Ants and Know How to Exterminate Them

All ants don't have the same life span. Most males die after they've mated. Worker ants can live for an entire season. Queens can live as long as human pets. Why is this information relevant? We know everything there is to know about ants, which then helps us to develop the most effective extermination strategy.

Ant Removal! The Right Ant Pest Control at the Right Time!

You can't exterminate all ants in the same way. The methods you use to exterminate one type of ant won't necessarily work on another type. Let our PestShield team take it from here.

Ants are sneaky, and they know more about the best ports of entry into your home than you do. This is why you're flummoxed when the ants that you thought you'd gotten rid of in one area pop up in another.

The good news is, we know exactly what they're looking for, so we can anticipate where they'll be going next. From cracks in your baseboards to fracture lines in your walls, we'll find their hiding places and stop them immediately.

Get in Touch with PestShield Now –Don’t Delay!

When you spot an ant problem, there’s no time to waste. They move fast, and you need to move faster. Putting off extermination services can result in an even bigger ant infestation. The sooner you contact our expert team, the sooner we can get on top of the issue.

One quick call to our office and we will be there to take care of business with dependable, long-lasting pest extermination and prevention. Call now or connect with us online for a free quote for ant pest control services.

Looking for dependable ant pest control services so you can reclaim your home this spring? Here’s how PestShield can help.