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Maintenance Tips for Rental Property Pest Control

Maintenance Tips for Rental Property Pest Control

Maintenance Tips for Rental Property Pest Control

As a landlord, you’re responsible for much (if not all) of the maintenance of your rental property, and that includes pest control. Not only can continued infestations lead to complaints and tenant vacancies, but it can also do costly damage to your property. 


Let’s face it — tenants won’t stick around if they’re constantly dealing with pests like mice, roaches, or bed bugs. If they start to complain, take it seriously. Their next complaint could be to the health department, and that’s not something anyone wants to deal with. Even worse, tenants could leave your property and you’d be faced with a vacancy. The law even states that landlords must maintain a safe and habitable living condition.


While it’s true that you can’t control everything your tenants do, there are some steps you can take to keep everyone safe. Here’s how to make sure you’re doing what you can to control pest infestations.


Schedule Regular Extermination

Make exterminations part of your regular maintenance tasks. Even if you’ve never seen a pest or had a complaint, this step is important. By the time you see a critter, the problem is much bigger than you expect. Regular extermination prevents small pest problems from becoming larger issues.


Seal Things Up

Take a thorough look at your property and check for cracks, crevices, and holes around the exterior and inside. Pay close attention to the foundation, gaps around the pipes, any open vents, and windows and doors that aren’t fully sealed. Head down to the basement to check as well, along with attics, crawl spaces, and common areas. To stop mice from entering, use a combination of caulk and steel wool — they’ll chew through caulk. While this process may take time, it’s certainly worth the return on investment.



Maintenance Tips for Rental Property Pest Control


Clean Common Areas

Without food, pests won’t build a home on your property. It’s not easy to control how tenants keep their personal space clean unless it’s a safety issue, but you can do your part to maintain common areas of the property. In apartment complexes, for example, the clubhouse, fitness center, and laundry areas should be trash- and debris-free and vacuumed or swept twice a week.


Offer Waste Bins

Encourage tenants to keep things clean by placing waste bins on your property. They should be heavy-duty with lids that stay secured on top, and you should regularly check for cracks or holes. These bins should also be large enough to match the number of tenants so that they’re not leaving bags of trash outside the container. The smell of garbage alone will be enough to attract critters onto your property.


Keep it Clutter-Free

Keep the trash bins away from the property and remove any clutter around the perimeter. There should be no piles of wood or compost nearby, and hedges and bushes should be trimmed. Regularly get rid of weeds that can attract pests — this will go a long way towards reducing spots for pests to hide in or build nests. The closer they are, the more likely they’ll want to get inside your home.


Get Rid of Standing Water

Standing water is just as attractive as trash and debris. It’s a breeding ground for insects and it can also attract cockroaches and rodents. If a tenant experiences leaky pipes or faucets, or if extreme weather leads to puddles and pools, fix these issues immediately.


Maintenance Tips for Rental Property Pest Control


Communicate With Tenants

Remember that your tenants also need to do their part in keeping pests away. If you notice that there are trash bags exposed or garbage not being disposed of properly, let your tenants know. Create a policy for cleaning up and remind them of the importance of doing so. Although you can’t enter their property, you’ll need some assistance in keeping things safe and clean.


Hire a Qualified Pest Control Partner

Depending on the size of your property, you likely can’t handle pest control on your own. Don’t waste time on ineffective pest control measures. Go straight to the professionals for serious pest control services to bring you peace of mind and a pest-free property. 


There’s nothing more frustrating than creepy crawlies and critters living in your home. And, honestly, you shouldn’t have to deal with it. That’s why you call on the pros at PestShield to remove them quickly, efficiently and permanently. At PestShield, we offer customized services to meet the pest problem you are facing. Whatever your situation is, we will leave you with a clean, pest-free property you (and your tenants) can feel good about.