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The Benefits of In-Wall Pest Control

Owning a home can be a fantastic, fulfilling experience. However, homeowners may find maintenance issues to be challenging and costly. Pest infestations can damage your home, wallet, and sense of security. If you want to build a house, consider adding an in-wall pest control system. Let’s find out how these systems work and their benefits.

Understanding In-Wall Pest Control

In-wall pest control, an in-home tubing system, is an ingenious service our experts at PestShield provide. Your development team can integrate the system into your house during construction.

  1. A construction crew installs perforated tubing within your home’s walls, strategically targeting areas that pests favor. 
  2. They then connect the tubes to treatment ports on the exterior walls of your home. 
  3. When the time comes for activation, one of our skilled technicians visits your home and injects a potent pest control product into the ports. 
  4. This pest control product creates an impenetrable barrier within the walls, effectively deterring those unwanted intruders.

The Effectiveness of In-Wall Pest Control

What sets in-wall pest control apart from other methods is its clever utilization of pests’ affinity for walls. Consider this – wall interiors offer an ideal environment for critters: they are dark, warm, and concealed, making them highly susceptible to infestation. By utilizing in-wall pest control, you can get straight to the source and drive away these “unwanted guests” from the inside out. 

Besides the critical advantage of keeping your house pest-free, there are many additional benefits of an in-wall, tube-based extermination system:

Spider Control: While spiders can help by eating other pests, nobody wants them to claim residency within their walls—no post-installation disruptions. Since a construction crew installs the system during building, there’s no need for subsequent disturbances to your home. 

Safeguarding: The applied pest-control product remains securely within the walls, protecting curious children and pets from exposure. 

Convenient Application: Homeowners do not need to be present during the injection process; our technicians can perform the entire process from outside.

Cost-Effective: Pricing is competitive to regular pest control services, delivering exceptional value on investment. 

Meticulous Reach: The applied product effectively targets areas typically beyond the scope of traditional pest control methods. 

System Durability: The tubes are crafted from a resilient material such as polyethylene, ensuring the system’s enduring effectiveness.

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Do I Have An In-Wall PestShield System?

Some homeowners might unknowingly have an in-wall pest control system within their homes. If your home is relatively new in St. Louis or the surrounding area, you may already have this feature. 

To verify if your house possesses an in-wall PestShield system, follow these steps:

  • Inspect the exterior of your home for a small port box approximately the size of a Kleenex box. 
  • This port box is typically affixed to an exterior wall and indicates an in-wall system. 
  • If you are still looking for the port box, reach out to our PestShield experts, and we can assist you in determining the presence of an in-wall system.

Installing an In-Wall PestShield System

You must install an in-wall, tube-based PestShield system during the construction of a home. If you’re building a new home, seize the opportunity to include this invaluable feature for your house.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to install a PestShield system once a house has been built.

That being said, we still offer traditional pest control services for homeowners, regardless of if they have this system installed!

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In-wall, tube-based pest control is an effective solution against pests, ensuring your home remains a sanctuary from unwelcome guests. This system offers convenience, effectiveness, and longevity – and these are just a few of the benefits.

PestShield is committed to keeping our customers’ homes safe and pest-free year-round. Whether you have our in-wall pest control system installed or require traditional pest control treatments, our expert team will help eliminate the problem and go through preventative measures to shield your home from a future infestation. We would love to help with your questions and pest-control needs, so do not hesitate to contact us today!