Advanced Pest Control Systems

Pest Control Tips from the Professionals

Man Installing PestShield In-Wall Pest Control System

PestShield was founded in 2000 and began installing our innovative in-wall pest control system with one new home builder in the St. Louis Metro Area. As we have grown over the years, we have partnered with single-family home developers in the area. Today, our in-wall system has been installed in nearly 30,000 homes across Greater St. Louis.

Along the way, we expanded our services to include traditional pest control in homes and businesses that did not get the tube system installed during construction. Our traditional services include rodent control and abatement, termite control, ant control, spiders, and even mosquitos in the yard. All of our technicians are certified, bonded, and insured.

Throughout the years, we’ve learned a thing or two about keeping our client’s homes and properties pest-free, and we have a few pest control tips we can share for those who like to DIY some steps in their pest control process. 

Repair Plumbing ASAP

We get it — those tiny drips and leaks are easy to ignore if they’re not causing a huge problem, but those little problems could end up becoming a big silverfish infestation. These creepy crawlies don’t have wings but they do have legs, and they’ll head straight to areas with moisture or water damage. Better ventilation in the bathroom and laundry room will help eliminate dampness in the air, too.

Watch the Water

Silverfish aren’t the only bugs that love water, and bathrooms aren’t the only place they’re attracted to. The kitchen, laundry areas, the spigot in the basement, even the pets’ water bowls; all of these areas of your home can be like a mini oasis to pests with a seemingly endless water supply. Don’t leave damp towels around after a shower and mop up spills and puddles ASAP to keep things dry and pest-free.

Try Household Items

There is a long list of home-grown “recipes” floating around on the internet that claim to get rid of pests. While some of them are complete bunk, some are just ingenious enough to work. For example, the banana hack where you put a chunk of a banana in a jar and rub some petroleum jelly in the inside rim. Roaches will climb in to snack and not be able to climb out. 

Please Take the Garbage Out

We’re not a huge fan of taking the garbage out every day either, but we do it to help keep pests at bay. If you’re keeping bags of trash in your garage or right outside the back door, you may be hanging out a welcome sign for pests to come right in. If possible, keep the garbage cans away from your home or commercial building.

Don’t Bomb It

Pesticide bombs have long been an option for homeowners and property managers to get rid of infestations, but that doesn’t mean it’s a good option. If these bombs are deployed incorrectly, bugs could scatter instead of die, and the worst-case scenario is that you do damage to the building or suffer health-related side effects. Don’t be tempted to try these bombs on your own, as it could make things even harder (and more expensive) to fix in the long run.

No one wants to think about residential pest control services. It’s not exactly a fun topic of conversation either. While insects and vermin are an inescapable part of the outdoors, thinking about them inside the home is downright unpleasant.

There’s nothing more frustrating than creepy crawlies and critters living in your home, and you shouldn’t have to deal with it. That’s why you call on the professionals at PestShield to remove them quickly, efficiently, and permanently. Our residential pest control services ensure your family is in and pests are out — get in touch to learn more about pest control straight from the professionals and be sure to try these pest control tips!