Advanced Pest Control Systems

The Benefits of Working with PestShield

PestShield's In-Wall Pest Control Service

In-wall pest control, also known as an in-home tubing system, is an innovative product you may not even realize you have in your home. The pest management system from PestShield is pest control we install during the home build process by inserting perforated tubing into a home's walls during the construction phase. The tubing is then linked to outside treatment ports on the home's exterior walls. At activation time, one of our team members will come to your home to inject pest control products into these ports.

The PestShield in-wall pest control system has several significant benefits:

  • Pre-installed: no mess or fuss after moving in.
  • The pest-control product stays inside the wall, keeping it safe from children and pets.
  • You don't need to be on the premises during treatments; our technician has to come and inject it into the exterior ports.
  • The cost is no higher than regular pest control services.
  • The pest control product reaches pests where it's hardest to get them.
  • The tubes are made of durable materials like polyethylene, making them long-lasting.

3 Simple Steps to a Pest Free Home!

1. A precise mist injection into the PestShield System prevents pests within the wall cavity.

2. An application of exterior spray treatment targets pests at common entry points.

3. A six foot perimeter of clay granular along the house creates a barrier to crawling insects.

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