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Summer Pest Issues in St. Louis

Summer Pest Issues in St. Louis

Summer Pest Issues in St. Louis

Summer Pest Issues in St. Louis. Summer weather is here, and with the season comes pests who enjoy the warmer temperatures here in St. Louis.

Ants, mosquitoes, and ticks are all quite common in this area and during this time of year, but other pests like rodents and cockroaches may also show up. These are less common but just as preventable with a quick call to our team.

As we all begin to spend more time entertaining on the lawn or around the pool, it’s important to understand which pests to watch out for and how to control how much time they spend in our yards.



Summer Pest Issues in St. Louis


Ants are not uncommon in any part of the country, but there’s a reason you could be seeing more now than usual — the rain. During extended periods of moisture, like the recent weather we’ve experienced, ants have to come out from the saturated underground to survive.

That means that once they’ve crawled in, they can find almost anything to eat along with several water sources like your kitchen or bathroom. Who would want to leave that to go back to the soggy ground? Of course, you can try and handle the issue yourself, but didn’t you do that last year, and the year before that?

Keeping your home clean is your best and first defense against ants. Don’t leave food out on the countertops, wash your dishes ASAP, and take out the trash frequently. Check for any cracks in the floors or windows that could be letting ants in, and keep the doors closed.

Still can’t get a lid on your pest problem? Calling in the pros means a second set of (expert) eyes to help identify to cause and location of entry before the ants get inside in the first place. Pest control pros can also find opportunities to improve your current strategy and create a proactive plan of action.


Summer Pest Issues in St. Louis


Grab a pen and paper, or even a calculator; it’s time to do some math. Add up the money you’ve spent on mosquito repellant sprays or citronella candles, or anti-itch cream for those bug bites after a night out in the back yard. It’s probably a good amount that you’ve put down on trying to keep those jerks away.

There’s nothing worse than spending a lovely evening around the firepit only to come inside and start itching, but sometimes — many times — sprays, lotions, and candles don’t work to keep these bugs at bay and we get buzzed at and bitten.

While they’re annoying at the least, mosquitoes are also known for carrying harmful viruses that can make your kids and even your pets sick. Keep your doors closed as much as possible, add screens to windows you frequently use and make sure to keep your property clear of standing water.

Even if you take steps to help fend off these bloodsuckers, a mosquito problem can become unmanageable. This is when it’s time to reconsider your strategy; this is something an expert can walk you through so your family can be safe and comfortable.


Summer Pest Issues in St. Louis


It’s easy to take steps to physically protect yourself from ticks when you’re outside the home, but that’s not a surefire way to prevent a bite that can cause serious illness. As you and your pets spend more time outdoors, it’s important to understand why you need to protect everyone. The most common tick-borne illnesses in the St. Louis area are Ehrlichiosis and Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Always cover as much of your skin as possible when trekking outdoors and make sure your pets are up to date on their flea treatments. Keep your grass and landscaping cut low and trimmed, and clear out any heavily wooded areas on your property; all of these are safe havens for ticks.

Even with these precautions in place, there are still more steps you can take to keep ticks even further away. A team of knowledgeable pest control experts can give you a thorough assessment and actionable tips on what more you can do to around your home or business.


Although you can handle these summertime pests on your own, it’s just one more thing to add to the honey-do list. Don’t you have enough on your place? Knowing what to watch for and what you can do to keep unwelcome guests from your home, you will also know when they become a problem — and when it’s time to call in Pest Shield.

We can treat for the bugs already living in and around your home and implement ways to prevent them from coming back. Our regular maintenance services mean your home and your family will be in good hands! Get in touch to schedule an appointment.