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Spring Cleaning for Pest Control: How to Prepare Your Home for Warmer Weather

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It’s the season for opening up your windows, playing music, gathering cleaning supplies from the back of the closet, and getting down to business – spring cleaning time. The tradition of spring cleaning, especially in areas like the Midwest with colder winters, is all about opening the house up and welcoming in the warmer weather. Homeowners may be cleaning the garage, getting outdoor patios and decks ready for entertaining, bringing back outdoor appliances stored away in the winter, and more. However, as you open your house back up, you want to keep it closed from pests. Many insects and rodents start to become active again in the spring, so let’s look at how homeowners can prepare their homes for warmer weather and stay pest-free. 


There’s nothing like the smell and feel of fresh air coming through your windows at the start of spring. After colder winter weather, homeowners should thoroughly clean their windows and the panes around them, watching for any discrepancies or cracks. Even a tiny crack can be an entryway for insects to enter your home, so you should use caulk or a like material to seal it immediately. If you have window wells on the exterior of your house, you should clean up any rocks, leaves, or other debris that may have accumulated over the window. Consider a window well cover to ensure the wells don’t become a nest for critters. 

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Springtime can also mean seasonal allergies acting up, so spring cleaning is a great time to clean off furniture. When you deep clean couches, mattresses, or any other cloth furniture, you should inspect the piece for droppings from pests or even discarded skins from roaches. Spring is also a big season for garage sales, and shoppers can find great bargains on used furniture. When buying secondhand, consider hard surface furniture like tables, chairs, shelving, etc., rather than cloth furniture. If you choose a cloth piece, consider “quarantining” the item outside of your home to check for bugs before moving it into your home. 


Household clutter can cause stress for homeowners and make a perfect hiding space for pests. Clutter looks different for everyone – it can be piles of papers and magazines on the floor, cardboard moving boxes, old equipment and furniture, you name it. Piles of papers and boxes are a perfect spot for spiders and other insects.


It’s a no-brainer that pests like kitchens, as most of them are after food. Spring cleaning can be an excellent time for homeowners to take on those deep cleaning tasks that are easy to put off, like cleaning under the sink, clearing out the refrigerator and freezer, dusting your pantry, and washing the insides of your trash and recycling bins. All of these tasks serve as pest prevention. Food and crumbs left out attract pests, and under the sink can be another place where critters settle in without supervision. Ants are especially prevalent in the spring; many can group together in a kitchen once they find their way in. 

Decks and Patios

A patio, porch, or deck can be a fun house feature. Like kitchens, homeowners should watch out for crumbs or spills on the patio to avoid attracting pests. Even though the pests are outside if they stay on the patio, with people opening the door in and out of the house constantly, pests can find their way in on their own or on a shoe/piece of clothing of the person walking in. Sweep your patio, porch, or deck often, and clean up after eating there. 


Don’t let pests park where your car should be. Many pests like garages because it reminds them of their native habitat, enclosed, dark, and quiet. After the winter, your garage floor likely needs a good cleaning, and you should get rid of any standing water. If you keep trash and recycling bins in or near the garage, you should also clean those out and ensure that all trash is secured with bags and all recyclables are clean and dry. If you keep your garage door open while cleaning, watch for pests sneaking in.

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Another common spring cleaning task is clearing out the attic or moving new items up to the attic to save on space. An attic can be a pest hotspot without proper care and concern. Inspect your attic often, and watch which items you leave in your attic. Dusting and cleaning frequently can make a drastic difference in pest prevention. 

Call the Professionals

Spring cleaning can be a lot of work, but the result of a clean home is worth it. By taking these steps and frequently watching for pests, you are on the way to having a pest-free home all year around. If you notice signs of insects or rodents, it’s imperative to act quickly and call a professional pest control company. 

PestShield is committed to keeping our customers’ homes safe and pest-free all year. Whether you have our in-wall pest control system installed or require traditional pest control treatments, our expert team will help eliminate the problem and go through preventative measures to shield your home from a future infestation. We would love to help with all of your questions and pest-control needs, so do not hesitate to contact us today!