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Pest Hotspots in Your Home

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Having pests in your home is an inconvenience and an expensive, time-consuming issue. Pests should not be anywhere in your space, but certain places are prevalent for pests to inhabit, and taking extra maintenance of these places is critical. The following “pest hotspots” are in most residential homes. The best practice is always to research pest prevention tips for the specific building type you live in and be aware of which pests are common in your geographical area. However, this list is a good starting place for pest prevention tips in any house and location.  


Since they give us a view of the outside world, it makes sense that windows are a standard hotspot for pests. A simple way to keep pests from entering your space through the window is with a screen. You should be sure that the screen fits the window correctly and regularly clean the screen. If there are other gaps or cracks around the window, you should be sure to seal them or, in a pinch, block the openings with an object like a towel. If your house has a basement, you may have window wells. Even though window wells protect your home, they can be another entryway for pests or even a nesting place for small animals. Getting a window well cover and regularly inspecting your window well will be worth your time. 


Food and water attract pests – and you don’t want too many cooks in your kitchen. Safe food handling and cleaning are crucial in your home kitchen. Leaving food or crumbs out for long periods can attract pests, and they often can find ways to access the kitchen under the sink or underneath appliances. You should also take your trash out frequently and clean the trash bin itself. Keeping your trash area under control will help prevent pests and lessen odors in the kitchen from residual food at the bottom of the container. Pantries are also a hotspot for pests, as they are often darker, enclosed spaces. You can avoid this in your home by dusting the pantry shelves frequently and ensuring every food container stored in the pantry is tightly sealed. 

Interior of a home garage


Cleaning the garage can feel like a big chore, especially if it is unorganized. However, keeping your garage neat and clean will be worthwhile because it helps prevent pests. Both insects and small rodents are attracted to garages because it mimics their home environments by being dark, enclosed, and away from the elements. If you keep your garbage or recycling cans in your garage, follow the same recommendations for kitchens and be sure to put all trash in bags and rinse all recyclables (glass and plastics). You should also avoid leaving your garage door open for long periods, so the critters steer clear.


The attic is critical to the structural integrity of the house. For this reason, keeping pests out of your attic is a must. As with garages, pests will stay in attics because of the darkness. If you have bugs frequenting your attic, this can become more problematic if the bugs attract bats who will eat the bugs and likely build nests in the space. Attics can even attract squirrels or other small animals. Your best defense in preventing these pests is to check your attic space often, dust all surfaces, and be mindful of what items you leave in the attic. 


Entrances and exits are another crucial areas to check for pests in your home. Pests can enter your space as quickly as your family and friends. Be sure that there are no cracks or gaps around your door, and if there are, seal them. Sometimes small insects may even enter the space on someone’s shoe – although this is not common, you may consider putting a mat outside your door for people to brush their feet off and keep bugs from entering the space further. 

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Lastly, the foundation of the house is another hotspot for pests. The foundation seems like a perfect nest for pests, with it being a dark, enclosed space with access to the ground. Out of all the pest hotspots listed, your home’s foundation is perhaps the most important place to check for pests. If you suspect pests are in your foundation, you should immediately call in professionals.

Professional Help 

Even with these prevention tips, pests may still enter your home. If this does happen, there is no need to beat yourself up about it if you have been taking care of your space – pests entering houses are a fact of life. However, you do need to assess the situation quickly. In most cases, you should seek professional pest control before the situation gets out of hand or becomes a full-blown infestation. 

PestShield is committed to keeping our customers’ homes safe and pest-free all year around. Whether you have our in-wall pest control system installed or require traditional pest control treatments, our expert team will help eliminate the problem and go through preventative measures to shield your home from a future infestation. We would love to help with all of our questions and pest-control needs, so do not hesitate to reach out to us today!