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Pest Control Do’s & Don’ts

Yes — there absolutely is a “right” and a “wrong” way to practice pest control, and many homeowners and commercial property managers may be making costly mistakes that keep pests coming back. Below, our experts share their pest control do’s and don’ts.

DON’T Ignore the Problem

Vermin and other pests aren’t just unpleasant to be around. They can actually pose serious health risks to your family. Cockroaches leave behind eggs, saliva, and fecal matter, which exacerbate allergies. Rats spread Hantavirus, a disease that is fatal to humans. With a host of other pests and vermin carrying diseases, eliminating them is crucial. In addition to health problems, your house is also in the line of fire. Those funny old cartoons are not entirely fictitious; a swarm of insects can wreak havoc on your house.

DO Try Prevention First

Mitigating a pest infestation is expensive and a big headache, so it only makes sense for you to do what you can to prevent them from getting in. Keep your kitchen and eating areas free of crumbs and open containers, fix leaky pipes ASAP, and move leaves and landscaping clippings away from the exterior of the building. These steps will ensure that you’re not putting a welcome mat out for pests.

DON’T Use the Wrong Chemicals

Hardware stores and grocery store shelves are filled with sprays, powders, and traps, all claiming to be the solution to your biggest bug problems. Store-bought pest control products are designed to deal with issues in the short term and are usually not very effective. Both indoor and outdoor and outdoor formulas contain chemicals and toxins, and if you use outdoor pesticides inside, you could be putting your family at great risk.

DO Identify the Problem

The first step towards effective pest control is understanding which pest you’re dealing with in the first place. Do you see droppings from mice or rats? Do the ants march one by one through your kitchen? Does your wood porch show signs of termite damage? If you read through our previous blog posts, you’ll get a better idea of how to look for signs of pests in your home.

DON’T Underestimate In-Wall Treatments

For customers or builders who are getting ready for a new build, this is one option you do not want to overlook. Also known as an in-home tubing system, the in-wall pest management system from PestShield is pest control we install during the home build process. In-wall pest control is an innovative pest control product you may not even realize you have in your home. Homeowners who are tired of dealing with pests love the idea of having prevention built into their walls.

DO Call In the Professionals

No one wants to think about residential pest control services. It’s not exactly a fun topic of conversation either. While insects and vermin are an inescapable part of the outdoors, thinking about them inside the home is downright unpleasant. There’s nothing more frustrating than creepy crawlies and critters living in your home. And, honestly, you shouldn’t have to deal with it. That’s why you call on the professionals at PestShield to remove them quickly, efficiently, and permanently.

If you still see signs of a pest infestation, it’s time to ask for professional help. At PestShield, we offer customized services to meet the pest problem you are facing. Whatever your situation is, we will leave you with a clean, pest-free home you can feel good about. Don’t waste time on ineffective pest control measures. Go straight to the professionals at PestShield for serious pest control services to bring you peace of mind and a pest-free home. Contact us today to get a free quote for residential services!