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How To Stay Pest-Free During the Holidays

There’s no place like home for the holidays, and that home should be free of pests. With all the cheer and festivities, it’s easy to forget the usual cleaning tasks, leading to unwanted pests looking to escape the winter cold sneaking inside. Homeowners want to start the year off on the right foot with a pest-free home. Let’s look at how to keep the critters away this holiday season.

Check Storage Rooms

Where do you keep your holiday decorations? Many homeowners keep their holiday decor in storage rooms, basements, attics, under the staircase, or closets. If you don’t periodically check the storage areas where you keep your seasonal items, there is the possibility that pests have invaded without your noticing.

When grabbing boxes of decorations, make an extra effort to check for anything amiss. If you have cardboard boxes, lift them to check for spiders. If you see droppings, check for more signs of mice. Wood damage? Termites may have moved in.

Clean Guest Bedrooms

Are you a homeowner who loves to host? Overnight guests can be incredibly rewarding but also a big undertaking. If you don’t use your guest room often, you can use the opportunity to clean it out and check for signs of pests.

Once your guests leave, you’ll want to ensure that no crumbs or food are left behind for critters. If you only do a spot clean and accidentally miss any areas, the leftovers could attract pests – and if no one is in the guest room for a while, these unwanted guests can multiply.

Seal Cracks and Gaps

If you give critters even an inch of your home, they will take a mile. These inches apply to gaps or cracks around your home where tinier pests can fit through. Sealing any of these openings is essential to pest prevention all year around, not just during the holidays.

Watch for Leaks

Midwest homeowners know that the holidays can come with rapid weather changes. Snowfall and other forms of precipitation can wreak havoc on an old, poorly-maintained roof. The ensuing dampness will attract pests, and the damage will create entryways for them.

While you’re cleaning for the holidays or hanging decorations, make sure to check for any leaks or water damage. Some tell-tale signs are damaged shingles, water spots in ceilings or walls, and wet attic decking. 

Eliminate Standing Water 

Standing water is a common breeding ground for pests. Homeowners should check for standing water in several places: in the garage, the basement, and outside up against the house. If standing water gets under the house, it can damage the foundation (and create the perfect spot for pests to enter). If you find any standing water, you’ll want to clean it up and distinguish where it came from to prevent further issues.

Store Firewood Properly

If you want your chestnuts to roast on an open fire, you don’t want pests to join you. A fireplace is an excellent place in the home for holiday guests to gather and spend time out of the cold. If you have a traditional wood-burning fireplace, store any firewood at least 20 feet from the house. When firewood is right up against the house or on the ground, termites can travel into the wood and build tunnels. 

Have a Travelling Plan

While some people host during the holidays, most travel to see family or friends or even take a vacation. If you’re a holiday vacation family, be sure to tidy up before you leave the house. No one wants to return after a long break and find that pests have moved in while you were away.

Having a trusted neighbor or family member “house sit” is still a good idea. Even if you don’t have any pets to watch or plants to water, having someone stop by to ensure everything looks all right can prevent future problems.

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