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How Spring Cleaning Can Help Prevent Pests

What’s on your spring cleaning to-do list? Does it include the spaces in your home that are most likely to attract pests? Do you even know where those areas are? Paying closer attention to spring cleaning for pest control will prevent infestation while also helping uncover any pests that settled into your home over the winter. Here’s a room-by-room guide on some important steps you need to take.

Basement and Attic

These two areas are probably the most important to keep clean — you likely visit your basement or attic only a few times a year, and they’re probably filled with items in storage. This gives pests and rodents plenty of time and space to spread out, nest, and invade the rest of your home. Declutter your basement and attic, consolidating items in storage if necessary, and wiping down dust. Check for droppings, dead pests, spiderwebs, holes, or nests, and look for holes leading in and out of your home.


Think about how many times your garage door opens and closes, and how many sunny afternoons your kids have spent in the driveway going in and out with their toys. That’s not to mention all of the lawn care tools and supplies that are stored in your garage. It’s not hard to imagine that pests can march right in and find everything they need to be comfortable. Declutter and sweep out here regularly, and check to see if the weatherstripping around your garage door is in good condition and creates a tight seal.


Just because you don’t see obvious signs of crumbs, doesn’t mean there’s not enough food in your kitchen for pests and rodents to get into. Check out all of your cabinets and closets, and not just the ones that hold food items. Wipe down shelves, throw out any expired food, and secure any open packages in tight-sealing storage containers. Look under your sink and around any plumbing; moisture is a “welcome” sign for pests. If you have pets, make sure that their food is in a sealed container, and their eating area is mess-free.

Bedrooms and Living Room

It’s a no-brainer to clean out the closet and swap out clothes for warmer weather, but did you check under the bed? What about underneath and behind large pieces of furniture, like dressers for nightstands? Pull everything away from the wall and inspect the baseboards for entrance holes, droppings, or wood shavings that could mean pests are damaging your home from the inside out. Pull the cushions off the sofa and chairs and vacuum any crumbs or grime that could attract pests and rodents. 


Water and moisture keep pests alive, and there’s plenty of it in your bathroom. Along with regular cleaning, there are some other maintenance tasks you should do regularly: Ensure that exterior fans are working, wipe down surfaces after bathing, and fix leaks ASAP to prevent pooling. Make it a habit to hang up wet towels so they don’t sit on the floor and cause moisture in the floors. Pests can even crawl through your plumbing so it’s a good idea to periodically pour some bleach down sink and tub drains.

Around the House

Once you’ve gone room by room, take a quick look at these potential problem areas:

  • Check windows and doors thoroughly after cleaning sills and door frames. Look for areas that may need to be caulked, screens that need to be repaired, or cracks that need to be filled.
  • Clean up any outdoor furniture and toys after heavy rain so they don’t gather water. Keep gutters clean to prevent clogs and pooling during a downpour.
  • Take time to rake up any lawn debris and cut back any overgrown plants, especially if they’re under your deck or porch, or up against the exterior walls of your home.

Vermin and other pests aren’t just unpleasant to be around. They can actually pose health threats to your family. Cockroaches leave behind eggs, saliva, and fecal matter, exacerbating allergies. Rats spread hantavirus, a disease that is fatal to humans. With a host of other pests and vermin carrying diseases, eliminating them is crucial.

A thorough spring cleaning not only gives you a clutter-free, clean home, it can also alert you to pest problems and even prevent them before they become serious. If you do uncover signs of an infestation, it’s time to call in our team of pest control professionals.